"Now that I am a former student of Dr. Hamilton, my appreciation for him has only grown. I have been able to reach out to Dr. Hamilton when needing advice with my college education. I do not know ANY other teacher that cares more about not only his current students but also his FORMER students. Dr. Hamilton is a one of a kind person and more specifically a one of a kind teacher. It hurts me to hear that he is no longer able to do what he loves. I cannot reiterate enough that Dr. Hamilton is a GREAT teacher and an even better person. I hope to see Dr. Hamilton teaching again soon." 

-Tucker Nitardy (Alumni) 

"Outside of the classroom, Dr. Hamilton has been one of my life mentors. He has helped me navigate personal and professional struggles including college applications along with general life skills. The transition from educator to mentor can be attributed to Dr. Hamilton’s ability to insert appropriate professional and personal dialogues into any environment. These dialogues fundamentally added positive genuine meaning to the relationship without debasing the safe space that he created. By doing so, our relationship extended past high school and into present time." - Eddie Monroy (Alumni) 

"Hamilton met me at my worst, yet he accepted me with open arms, unlike that of many. During a
dark time in my life, Hamilton helped me find my outlet – interp. I wasn’t his best performer, but he poured just as much effort into me as he did his best pupil. Many teachers who either coach or advise the arts in addition to their teaching tend to focus on their stars, but Hamilton saw potential in all his students." 

- Macy Hermann (Alumni) 

"Dr. Hamilton is a great coach. That is obvious. But more importantly for the
Speech team, he is a great man. He helped us all through both some of the darkest and greatest parts of our lives. He has done so much for his students. He helped me get into my dream college, he pushed me to succeed, and he taught me what it is to be a caring human being. He is the only teacher I had in my 13 years in school who I ever thought actually cared about me." 

-Andrea Herrera (Alumni) 

"During my sophomore year of high school, I was competing as one of Josh’s Speech and Debate students and was on track to be ranked as one of the top prose interpreters in the State that year. Unfortunately, Mr. Hamilton and I missed one of the nuances in the by-laws for the initial district prose competition, and I was ultimately disqualified. The disqualification in the long run of my life did not matter at all, but Josh’s reaction to my disqualification did make a lasting impression on me. In tears, he sat me on the sidewalk outside the competition area and told me the news. He blamed himself and told me that he knew I would win state next year (and I did)."

-Garett Hammonds (Alumni)

"For the real proof of his character, there is no need to see who you can trust and what sounds good on paper, just simply look at the paper. There is no doubt in my mind many former students have sent in many pages of words all for the chance of helping Josh Hamilton. I am a full-time college student who is in a fraternity and works a volunteer job over 50 hours a week. Time is my most valuable commodity and although I have not spoken to Hamilton in nearly 2 and ½ years, I immediately jumped at the chance to type this letter. Hamilton gave me and hundreds of other students a rare gift in high school, happiness."

-Jacob Wagenknecht (Alumni) 

"I remember that we had an assignment that we had to give a speech about something that meant something to us and was important. Mr. Hamilton
challenged me to give the eulogy from my dad’s funeral because I never obtained closure from that because I couldn’t say it at his funeral. I went
ahead and did what he suggested and it was a life changing moment for me because it helped me show to myself that I’m stronger than I think and that I am able to overcome barriers. After that, I knew that Josh would be a huge role model in my life. He helped me get through the hardest moment of my life and showed me right
from wrong in tough times. I have never once questioned Josh’s character or decision making in anything he does. His passion is admirable and he always puts others before himself."

-JC Southard (Alumni) 

"As an educator myself, I know the value and traits of an effective teacher. In my experience, I
have found that there is truly nothing more important than being able to build relationships with students. If there is something that Mr. Hamilton truly excels at, it is being able to connect with every type of kid and foster the connections he makes to create a life-long impact. I am fortunate enough to say that one of these students was me. Unlike my peers, I was not an easy student to connect with during my time in high school. I often felt stranded and isolated from both peers and adult. That was until Mr. Hamilton made the (significant) effort to connect with me. He recognized my struggle and helped me find ways to channel it creatively. Without him, I would very likely have not made it out of high school. And now, I have decided to be a teacher, to be just like him."

-Elyse Guilstorf