About Me

This is my crazy family. Sydney and I have two kids: Jackson age 3 and Emma is 7 months of adorable. We live in Fort Worth, Texas where Sydney has her day job as a Paid Search Manager (it's on the internet that's all I know) and I work as a Communications Coordinator in Mansfield as a non-profit called the Mansfield Mission Center. 

We both love our jobs, but we are also passionate about fitness, nutrition and mental health awareness/advocacy. Sydney is a certified Yoga Instructor and the best cook this side of the Mississippi (other than her mother). She love to bake and has the BEST chocolate chip cookies out there! I am serious ask her coworkers or check out the testimonial page. She even bakes and delivers/ships this homemade goodness if you want to treat yourself check those out here.

My love for fitness began in college when I wanted to lose some weight for vanity reasons. I left high school weighing 220 lbs. and got down to 165 in college. I became a certified personal trainer in college to make some extra money and have been a gym rat ever since. 

One of my fraternity brothers has asked me for almost 10 years now to check out Herbalife products and I resisted up until this year. I had no idea what I was missing. 

My goal isn't to sell you on Herbalife here but I will definitely highlight some of the products in my blogs, posts, etc. and link to our site to purchase if you want to try it out for yourself.